In January 2008, while Ferrari & Maserati of Seattle's Service Department was being presented an award as one of Maserati North America's elite service centers, we were given what the Perrina family feel was the ultimate honor by those in charge of Alfa Romeo and Maserati North America- Ferrari & Maserati of Seattle was chosen as 1 of 7 distinguished dealers in North America to represent and distribute the much anticipated Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione and 8C Spider.

As many know, our family's business story had humble beginnings as an Alfa Romeo dealer 16 years ago in Bellevue,

Washington, and while for many 16 years seems like a lifetime for us it seems like yesterday. Our passion for Italian cars has never been stronger, and for a number of reasons Alfa Romeo represents something of an icon. All of the Perrina siblings' first cars were Alfas and we still own an albeit modest, but proud collection of vintage Alfas ranging from a 1969 Duetto Spider like the one driven by Dustin Hoffman in the infamous movie The Graduate, to a 1995 164 Quadrifoglio, the last Alfa officially imported to the USA until the long awaited return with the 8C Competizione. So while Alfa has represented a business opportunity for us as a family, we have lived and breathed Alfa and continue to do so today. The 8C Competizione represents what most people recognize as Alfa's first supercar and for us it's a fitting end to a long void without new Alfas and the beginning of what we hope is another triumphant return to grace for one of the world's finest automotive brands, and most importantly a new chapter in Alfa's story with the Perrina family in the USA.

Only 500 examples of the 8C coupe and a further 500 examples of the 8C Spider will be built for the world, with only 84 coupes slated for the US market. As of yet final numbers have not been released for the Spider's distribution in the US but we expect it to be roughly the same as the coupe. 7 coupes are confirmed for the Seattle market so the 8C will be a rare, but certainly pleasurable sight once it arrives this summer.

Any discussion involving the 8C must begin with it's styling. Many styling cues are reminiscent of Alfa's 1960s design, the 33 Stradale, but with a decidedly modern and dramatic twist. The design was penned by Alfa's Centro Stile (Alfa's in-house design studio in Milan) and presented at the Geneva Motorshow in 2003. The car has carried shared technology from Ferrari and Maserati since it's original release in Geneva, but the final production version now sports a carbon fiber body, an all-new 4.7 liter V8 derived from Ferrari's 4.3 liter engine and Maserati's 4.2 liter engine tuned by Alfa, and an interior like none other with an impressive hybrid of carbon fiber and aluminum that is simply magnificent.

As with any Alfa performance is always a priority and while the 8C will certainly give many cars a great view of its posterior, the exhaust note and feel of this supercar will be nothing short of amazing.

We sincerely hope that you'll take joy in our news and join us in supporting Alfa Romeo's return to the USA.